Ah Cacao - Kicao Bar

Brand Positioning / Brand Identity / Packaging

As part of a complete brand refresh for Ah Cacao, a café and chocolateria chain in Mexico, Asprey Creative redesigned the packaging for their flagship product, the Kicao bar.

This remarkable product is about as natural as it gets, with each one being made with only 3 or 4 ingredients. It’s also about as authentic as it gets given that Ah Cacao is based on the Yucatan Peninsula and sources its cacao locally, from the very region where the Mayans first made chocolate some 1,800 years ago.

By borrowing a little bit of visual equity from traditional Mexican hand-painted signage we have captured the history, authenticity, naturalness and artisan quality of Kicao in a very artisanal, hand-drawn and unique way.

In Ah Cacao cafes, sales of the Kicao Bar increased by 42% within the first year, and they’ve just begun exporting to the US.

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