Stolen Recipe

Brand Development / Packaging

The previous packaging for this product lacked brand focus and visual consistency on shelf. Consumers had difficulty identifying what the product was and it also suffered from a perception that it was too sweet. Despite a uniquely genuine product and good ranging around Australia, the brand was stagnant, and packaging had no cut through.

To address these needs we leveraged off the sense of fun that was inherent in the brand. We developed a consistent look across the range that was clean and bold. We included ingredients in an illustrated tea pot to achieve better taste appeal and help communicate the brand’s tea credentials in a fun way. 

The use of white was a key strategic component of this solution not only for it’s inference of freshness, but as an important differentiator from the brightly coloured and busy packs of its competitors.

The new packaging has attracted the interest of a major distributor and national ranging has steadily increased.


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