Bulla - Choc Tops

Brand Identity / Packaging / Animation

Having recently acquired the Choc Top brand, Bulla briefed us to rebrand and redesign an expanded product range to align it with their hugely successful Creamy Classics ice cream brand. 

Bulla’s strategy was to expand the Creamy Classics brand into the cinema, and grow Choc Tops by leveraging off Creamy Classics existing equity in ice cream.

Despite the challenge of a three-tiered branding hierarchy, we were able to create a strong, vibrant and tasty new look for this range. We were helped by the fact that Bulla’s Creamy Classics brand already owned a beautiful rich burgundy – a colour synonymous with the cinema experience.

We used the visual equity created on pack to create a series of animations to be played on the monitors above cinema snack bars. This critical component of the brand’s relaunch allowed us to reinforce the emotional attachment between Choc Tops and going to the cinema in a fun, engaging way.

We’re pleased to report that this new branding and packaging has lead to an 8.8% increase in sales over the first 3 months in market.

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